Firstly, let me thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself to you. I’m John, a 32 years old and live in Cheshire, UK.

My job has been a Software Developer for a few years, and I’ve always been working in the IT industry since I left college. As most people, I decided on a career path when I was younger and never really looked back… until of a recent event, which has caused me to evaluate my life, my career choice, my fitness.

Let’s start from the beginning…

I’ve always struggled with our education path, this is mostly down to being dyslexic. In fact, I was a good couple of years behind everyone else and dyslexia wasn’t something that was widely supported as it is today.

As the years flew by, I found myself doing various activities… in 1997, I became the 2nd British Champion in FSKA; losing out by only a few points. I lived on a farm, near Middlewich for all of my high school years. At age 13, I found an online (purely text based) game which was written in C/C++ and soon found myself trying to make small amendments to it.

After receiving only C’s and D’s in high school, I began studying ICT at college starting from the entry point course, and slowly working myself towards the BTEC National Diploma; achieving three MERIT grades.

My early years of career…

Upon leaving college, I began my career in computers as a quiet First Line Support call centre agent. I eventually decided to join the Territorial Army, and spent about a year and half there as an infantryman, while also continuing my normal weekday work.

I eventually met a girl, who eventually became my wife after remaining together for ten years; I had several promotions and several different jobs coming as high as a Junior Technical Architect. But like most people,